Thursday, November 12, 2009


New release - Kuenstler 165

Bitstream typeface based on Koch Antiqua by Rudolph Koch (Klingspor, 1922). Koch Antiqua, also known as Locarno and Eve, is the most popular face of one of the great lettering artists of the 20th century. This delicate display face has a small x-height, very tall ascenders, and main strokes that taper gracefully downward. Koch-Antiqua appeared extensively in advertising between the wars. A refined letterform, it is best used sparingly for a distinctive look in advertising, book, and job work. Two weights of Cyrillic version including alternative lc characters were developed by Isabella Chaeva and released in 2008 by ParaType.
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Willemsen Parts And Cars
Veldstraat 40
4881 BC Zundert
T 076-5972390 / 06-53993878
F 076-5976662
BTW NL113656385B01
KvK 20071538


micrologic® PREMIUM werkzame systeemstoffen LPG 163 en 164

PG systeembescherming, ook bij vollast
01.juli.2007 10:30

Werking van de LPG werkzame systeemstoffen:
Technische informatie (pdf-file 4 MB)

Trend: steeds meer LPG-partners voorzien LPG-brandstofsystemen bij elke inspectie oftewel elke 10.000 km met de hoogwaardige chemo-technische LPG-additieven van TUNAP.

De goede werking van de motor wordt op deze manier ook bij vollast gegarandeerd.

Met de micrologic® PREMIUM LPG systeembescherming wordt bij de LPG aandrijving specifiek de ontbrekende koeling en smering van de gasvormige brandstof gecompenseerd:

constant beschermende smeerfilm tegen inslaande kleppen en slijtage
voorkomt schade aan de cilinderkop
waarborgt een langere brandstofstabiliteit
reinigt en beschermt het brandstofsysteem

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Detail Scale Drawings, Variant by Variant: Heinkel He 162 "Spatz" - He 162 V1 to A-2 - Scale 1/72, 1/48 & 1/32 19.95EUR


Detailed 1/72, 1/48 & 1/32 scale plans (also showing the instrumentation as well as some structure components; 13 pages per scale) of all variants of the Heinkel He 162 "Spatz/Volksjäger" (He 162 V1 to A-2).

First Edition: yes
Author: Resign, R. V.
Edition: 1
Pages: 48
Year of publication: 2007
Measurement: 30 x 21 cm
Language: English
Cover: paperback


Taken at the south junction with I-25 (exit 364). Note tha the directional sign is much older (cracked reflective background) than the route marker.

West terminus: NM-518 S of Buena Vista
East (north) terminus: Ft. Union Nat'l Monument
Previously --- I-25 at Watrous
Length: 31.902 mi.

County: Mora

History: The west leg of this U-shaped route was renumbered from NM-160 in 1970. In 1988, it was combined with NM-477 and whatever the frontage road along I-25 was called then to form a continuous route.

Improvements: Two-lane paved road

Comments: This was one of the more bizarre outcomes of the 1988 renumbering. Yes, it's a continuous route, but it almost turns back on itself. Worse, it creates confusion from two closely spaced exits along I-25, both numbered for NM-161 and identically signed (NM-97/NM-161/Watrous/Valmora). There was really no reason under the criteria used for that renumbering to change NM-477, and it would have been more logical to extend NM-161 along what is now NM-97.


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